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Modern Kitchens Ideas

Once an outdated oak kitchen has now been replaced with this modern soft contemporary environment. Features include a wenge wood breakfast top, granite countertops and floor, glass backsplash and back-lit 3-form tiger thatch panels, all back dropped by African mahogany cabinetry.

The custom-designed kitchen cabinets and islands are made of Wenge wood with Cesaer Stone countertops and feature glass tile backsplash and GE appliances.

The project embodies the exuberance of a Brazilian-born woman, who embraces color with all of its glory. The dynamic kitchen, featured in Angeleno magazine and California Home and Design, has painted blue cabinets, Azul Macubas extra granite and state of the art appliances.

The double stack hood serves as the focal point of this soft contemporary kitchen and the glass tile backsplash makes for a sparkling backdrop. The combination of light and dark stain colors with an oversized island top give this kitchen and an Asian appeal.

Small things can make a big difference. Grain matching and mirroring of the wood from cabinet to cabinet is a sign of true craftsmanship. Built-in lighting and all drawers below provide the ultimate in function. Photo by Marble Street Studio.

The maple "splash" is designed to provide a balance with the cherry wood cabinets and also conceal a custom ventilation unit.

The focal point of this unique kitchen is the circular window surrounded by stone. An red Aga range adds a nice touch of color and contributes to the Old World charm. The windows behind the wall cabinetry allow natural light to flood the room and highlight the homeowner's glass collection.

This bachelor's apartment kitchen redo involved incorporating two rooms, a kitchen and living room. Mixing materials and finishes creates interest and adds character. The floor is maple with a cherry color stain.

Dark wood base cabinets are combined with metal and glass upper cabinets to create a transition from heavy to light. Stainless-steel countertops further enhance this transition, while also tying in the appliances with the cabinets.

The kitchen is open to the dining room and subsequent living room. With that in mind, the design intent was to incorporate sustainable materials such as the Syndecrete counters and FCS sustainably harvested wood cabinetry into the clean lines and minimalist design of this kitchen. Photo by Fawn Art Photography.
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Small Kitchen Designs

This modern contemporary small kitchen design goes far beyond the bounds of a traditional small kitchen. Beginning with the color scheme, this decidedly minimal, yet entirely functional small kitchen space is very 'bold' and clean. Notice how the bright work areas create a largeness along with the use of a glass bar top that doubles as an eating area.

The earthen color tones in this kitchen gently contrast and lift out the black countertop and refrigerator. Double stacked kitchen cabinets help to create a more versatile storage space, while the glass cabinet doors add to the spaciousness of the lighter colored wood cabinet doors. The high ceiling also helps to alleviate the small kitchen effect.

Wow. This very contemporary small kitchen design is harsh industrial and sanitary, yet comforted by the softer colors of the walls and kitchen island door panels. Kitchen cabinet space is maximized without losing the minimalist effect of the design.

In this more traditional leaning contemporary small kitchen design the liberal use of red adds a dramatic effect that is enhanced by the 'space-age' materials. A far cry from our caveman days, no? The small kitchen table and tandem chairs, along with bar stools as secondary seating helps to conserve space. Open concept glass cabinet doors, utensil hangers, nick-nack shelving storage and bright lighting help to create a larger than small space in this kitchen design.

White, white, white!!! White surfaces create 'perceived' space in a small kitchen. Actually, any of the brighter shades of color produces a larger perception of space, so using it as a primary color with darker accents best helps to add comfort to your most frequented area.

Well, when available space is limited, ADD to it! This kitchen has been extended out over a cantilevered bay window area that helps to allow natural light in, as well as provide a scenic view while doing kitchenly chores. Notice the liberal use of WHITE. Clean, big, and elps to illuminate darker areas. A set of hanging kitchen cabinets over the near counter top would be the best functional use of that space.

No, this is not a chocolate mint doll house small kitchen design! The use of smaller kitchen appliances and kitchen sink along with extensive use of wall space for kitchen cabinets helps to greatly increase the functionality of this small kitchen design. Notice the curved glass cabinet doors? Or the nifty built-in rack above the oven cook/counter top?

This and the next two photos are all of the same small kitchen, from different angles to show all of its attributes. In this picture you'll notice the very large kitchen light fixture that lends a futuristic feel to this small condominium kitchen design, and helps to enhance perceived size. Cabinet space is maximized without losing the open concept feeling - achieved by having one wall partially opened.
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Kitchen Design Ideas

The ambient lighting in this kitchen design enhances the natural beauty of the woodgrain. The finishes have been kept tastefully simple for a coordinated and clean-lined effect.

In this kitchen photo, ultramodern design is stated with bold shapes and smooth textures, and is enhanced by the dramatic use of color. All are elements that can be incorporated into small or large kitchen design ideas. Because the color in this kitchen has been limited to only a few surfaces, it can easily be changed.

Most kitchen design ideas offer a very effective use of cupboard space and kitchen lighting. With so much natural light coming in through the windows this homeowner can feel confident that using a dark stain on the cabinets will not make the space feel dark and gloomy.

The abundance of horizontal lines in contemporary kitchens tends to create a sense of movement and activity. To keep this kitchen design idea from appearing too busy, the designer applied stainless steel to the cabinets surrounding the appliances.

In this free kitchen design idea, the center island is large enough to provide even more space for work, storage and eating. It is great to have room for family and friends in the kitchen. You can continue visiting while meals are being prepared.

The soft sheen of stainless steel appliances and the light wood tone of the cabinetry give kitchen design ideas like this an airy, spacious feel. It is uncomplicated and uncluttered. Kitchen design ideas are often searched to suit those requirements.

The vivid splashes of blue and orange on the walls and furniture have been artfully balanced with a warm medium wood tone in this kitchen. The countertop adds texture, yet remains grounded because of its black color. Additional texture has been created with multiple wood tones in the floor. This is one of our favourite kitchen design ideas!
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Kitchen Island Design Ideas

The layout of this traditional-style kitchen perfectly accomodates a center kitchen island. And this particular kitchen island offers some wonderful storage and display ideas for wine bottles as well as a beautiful, large granite countertop for extra work space.

This over-sized kitchen island is center stage and rightfully so. Wood cabinetry with gorgeous architectural details and smooth granite countertops match the other cabinets in the kitchen. The corners of the island are carved out to allow access to the central cooktop area and an offset prep sink increases the island's funtionality. Highlighting the island is a dramatic chandelier.

Seating for four, pendant lighting, a prep sink, and an enormous marble countertop - this kitchen island has it all. The rounded design on the dining side is a brilliant idea allowing for conversation between individuals sitting at the island.

It's all horizontal lines and shiny stainless steel for this modern kitchen. The kitchen island is no exception with its straight edges and smooth surfaces. The charcoal grey finish on the island relates well to the white cabinets and walls of the kitchen, as well as the frosted glass panels covering the built-in shelves.

This black kitchen island trimmed in stainless steel really stands out in contrast to the backdrop of white and pale blue. It is a strong element in an otherwise airy space. The top of the island is lit by a unique hanging fixture that mimics the island's rectangular shape.

A kitchen island with traditional french appeal. It provides open storage for displaying baskets and bins. The warm wood butcher block top serves as an additional work space, serving area and spot for casual dining.

A contemporary kitchen island for a contemporary kitchen. In keeping with that modern aesthetic, this island is covered in highly reflective material both on the sides and the countertop. The sleek design blends in with the clean lines of the rest of the kitchen.

A centralized cooking area with medieval styling. The main purpose of this island is cooking with a little storage provided by way of an overhead shelf for holding extra pots and pans and hanging cooking utensils.

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Modern Kitchen Design

This dramatic contemporary kitchen design provides gorgeous long expanses of stainless steel countertops for working on or simply admiring. Notice how the cabinet hardware mimics the refrigerator door pulls. Under-cabinet lighting makes the ceramic tile backsplash glow.

The glossy black floor tiles anchor and help to define the kitchen area in this ultra-contemporary design. The space is full of funky finishes and textures from the smooth countertops, ceramic tile back wall and sleek rangehood to the warm dark wood of the lower cabinets and the added warmth of the golden wall color.

The natural light pours into this very contemporary kitchen. White, a color often associated with contemporary design, is used throughout the space creating a very light and airy atmosphere. Two layers of horizontal upper cabinets and large, deep drawers provide an abundance of storage. The orange-red color pops against the white shell.

Storage will never be an issue with the large cabinets in this modern kitchen. The island provides even more storage and workspace along with a table-type extension for an eating area. An interesting feature of this design is that the toe-kick has been eliminated from some of the wall cabinets giving them a floating feeling.

This is a cutting edge kitchen design. The space is practically void of color with the exception of some fresh fruit in a stainless steel bowl and a small assortment of cooking accessories.

A hot design in cool colors. If time travel was possible, you might be looking at a kitchen from 20 years in the future. An abundance of horizontal lines create a sense of movement within this space.

This modern kitchen design pic illustrates free-flowing lines in both the unusual light fixture over the table and the shelf/light fixture above the peninsula. Splashes of red throughout the space add warmth and energy. The darkness of the flooring and lower cabinets is offset by the light wall color and the large window.
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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

An elegant marble or granite kitchen backsplash can work beautifully with rich wood cabinets. In this example, the lighter tone of the backsplash and countertops create a visual break between the dark upper and lower cabinets.

The monochromatic color scheme of this kitchen is given a lift with a mosaic tile backsplash. Although the colors for the backsplash have been carried over from the rest of the kitchen, the use of small tiles and a random pattern create visual energy

Dark grey slate tiles provide a contrast to the simple clean lines of the white cabinetry in this modern kitchen design. In addition to the hit of color, the large size and natural finish of these tiles bring much-needed texture to the space.

Who says you have to tile the entire kitchen backsplash surface?!?! The creator of this kitchen chose to combine colorful tiles with a fun paint technique. Small tiles in groups of three have been randomly adhered to the painted area beneath the upper cabinets. This is definitely a budget-stretcher.

A carefully measured and installed section of backpainted glass will produce a stunning kitchen backsplash in a contemporary setting. Choose a paint color that will complement your kitchen design. This is an ideal spot for an accent color.

Tiny, metallic mosaic tiles transform the backsplash of this serving area, and undercabinet lighting gives it extra sparkle. You can achieve different effects by using different sizes of tiles.

Continuing your countertop material up onto the wall is an excellent option for a no muss, no fuss kitchen backsplash. This is something you can do with practically any countertop material.
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Country Kitchens

This secondary kitchen boasts a professional style 36-inch built-in grill with a hood, sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and ice maker accentuated by concrete countertops and a Dutch-style entrance door.

The screen porch has removable windows featuring a double-sided fireplace and a secondary kitchen boasting a 36-inch built-in grill. The hood, sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and ice maker, concrete countertops and a Dutch-style entrance door complete the look.

This kitchen showcases granite countertops and a functional island that is portable to accommodate a busy cook.

This gourmet kitchen showcases a custom-designed display cabinet, a Viking freestanding range and a brushed brass deck-mounted pot filler.

Mixing different materials creates an interesting and inviting look to this contemporary kitchen remodel. The house is Mid-century modern, and the client wanted an updated kitchen to match. Entertaining is a high priority so a large island was necessary.

Providing a counter-high table in the kitchen in this industrial style live-work loft offers an additional working surface. The leather shag rug under the dining table adds texture to the space. Photo by Seth Lolich Gardner.

A custom kitchen island with a stainless steel countertop adds valuable workspace and storage to this studio loft. Designer Tip: Putting furniture on casters makes it easy to move it for flexible use of space in lofts or open plan homes.

A warm and welcoming kitchen awaits these homeowners every morning. This kitchen was specifically designed to coordinate with the client's older home, which had a European flavor. The warmth and elegance of the mustard cabinets contrast with the use of slate and wood flooring.

This kitchen features 10-foot ceilings, limestone counters and a work surface made of African bubinga wood. The Venetian plaster range hood, simple cabinets and floating shelves evoke an earthy English cottage look.

All the elements of classic country style come together with elegant simplicity in this kitchen. The open shelving and glass face cabinetry allow things to be both seen and easily accessed. The computer, great for looking up recipes, fits like it was custom-made to be there.
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