Thursday, March 10, 2011

Modern Kitchens Ideas

Once an outdated oak kitchen has now been replaced with this modern soft contemporary environment. Features include a wenge wood breakfast top, granite countertops and floor, glass backsplash and back-lit 3-form tiger thatch panels, all back dropped by African mahogany cabinetry.

The custom-designed kitchen cabinets and islands are made of Wenge wood with Cesaer Stone countertops and feature glass tile backsplash and GE appliances.

The project embodies the exuberance of a Brazilian-born woman, who embraces color with all of its glory. The dynamic kitchen, featured in Angeleno magazine and California Home and Design, has painted blue cabinets, Azul Macubas extra granite and state of the art appliances.

The double stack hood serves as the focal point of this soft contemporary kitchen and the glass tile backsplash makes for a sparkling backdrop. The combination of light and dark stain colors with an oversized island top give this kitchen and an Asian appeal.

Small things can make a big difference. Grain matching and mirroring of the wood from cabinet to cabinet is a sign of true craftsmanship. Built-in lighting and all drawers below provide the ultimate in function. Photo by Marble Street Studio.

The maple "splash" is designed to provide a balance with the cherry wood cabinets and also conceal a custom ventilation unit.

The focal point of this unique kitchen is the circular window surrounded by stone. An red Aga range adds a nice touch of color and contributes to the Old World charm. The windows behind the wall cabinetry allow natural light to flood the room and highlight the homeowner's glass collection.

This bachelor's apartment kitchen redo involved incorporating two rooms, a kitchen and living room. Mixing materials and finishes creates interest and adds character. The floor is maple with a cherry color stain.

Dark wood base cabinets are combined with metal and glass upper cabinets to create a transition from heavy to light. Stainless-steel countertops further enhance this transition, while also tying in the appliances with the cabinets.

The kitchen is open to the dining room and subsequent living room. With that in mind, the design intent was to incorporate sustainable materials such as the Syndecrete counters and FCS sustainably harvested wood cabinetry into the clean lines and minimalist design of this kitchen. Photo by Fawn Art Photography.

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