Thursday, March 10, 2011

Contemporary Kitchens

A combination of arts and crafts design elements with a contemporary flair gives this kitchen a modern feel in a traditional home.

Two islands allow for efficient circulation in this kitchen and make smart use of the available space. Photo by Rick Brazil.

Inspired by the circus painting on the left, this kitchen nook is transformed into a colorful display of fun and whimsical shapes. Photo by David Duncan Livingston.

Both husband and wife wanted different things for this kitchen. She wanted a kitchen that reflected her Japanese heritage; he wanted a comfortable island to read the morning paper. The result: a successful marriage of simple, clean design with traditional Japanese design. Photo by David Duncan Livingston.

This large contemporary kitchen with two islands is reflective of a daring, artful client. The different woods featured are Australian lacewood, curly maple and faux finish MDF. The chartreuse and cherry stains create great visual appeal. Photo by David Duncan Livingston.

With the combination of stained exotic woods and handpainted combed faux finishes for the custom cabinetry, this kitchen reflects the tastes of the homeowners, who are contemporary art aficionados. Photo by David Duncan Livingston.

The kitchen is inspired by arts and crafts design, combining modern stainless equipment with hand-crafted tiles, art glass lights and warm wood tones.

This contemporary kitchen is a true example of how to mix a variety of materials and colors. Concrete and granite tiles are used for the countertops, mosaic tiles run along the backsplash, and the floor is covered with slate tiles.

Special features such as custom ironwork paired with a one-of-a-kind nook table set this designer kitchen--fit for a professional chef--apart from the rest. Photo by David Duncan Livingston.

A unique pairing of interesting hardware and colorful cabinetry create visual delight in this contemporary kitchen. Photo by David Duncan Livingston.

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