Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kitchen Design Ideas

The ambient lighting in this kitchen design enhances the natural beauty of the woodgrain. The finishes have been kept tastefully simple for a coordinated and clean-lined effect.

In this kitchen photo, ultramodern design is stated with bold shapes and smooth textures, and is enhanced by the dramatic use of color. All are elements that can be incorporated into small or large kitchen design ideas. Because the color in this kitchen has been limited to only a few surfaces, it can easily be changed.

Most kitchen design ideas offer a very effective use of cupboard space and kitchen lighting. With so much natural light coming in through the windows this homeowner can feel confident that using a dark stain on the cabinets will not make the space feel dark and gloomy.

The abundance of horizontal lines in contemporary kitchens tends to create a sense of movement and activity. To keep this kitchen design idea from appearing too busy, the designer applied stainless steel to the cabinets surrounding the appliances.

In this free kitchen design idea, the center island is large enough to provide even more space for work, storage and eating. It is great to have room for family and friends in the kitchen. You can continue visiting while meals are being prepared.

The soft sheen of stainless steel appliances and the light wood tone of the cabinetry give kitchen design ideas like this an airy, spacious feel. It is uncomplicated and uncluttered. Kitchen design ideas are often searched to suit those requirements.

The vivid splashes of blue and orange on the walls and furniture have been artfully balanced with a warm medium wood tone in this kitchen. The countertop adds texture, yet remains grounded because of its black color. Additional texture has been created with multiple wood tones in the floor. This is one of our favourite kitchen design ideas!

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