Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eclectic Dining Rooms

Asian, African and even art deco influences can be seen in this eclectic-style dining room.

Red walls combine with animal-print-inspired European fabrics, and a 22-foot dining table sets the stage for a client who loves to entertain. The room features custom curved sofas (designed by Jessica Hall Associates) at either end of the burl and mahogany table and an onyx countertop illuminated from beneath.

To maximize space, the cabinetry is designed with sliding doors instead of doors that swing out. Teak wood was chosen for its warm tones and to work with the existing furniture.

Honed flooring and creative window treatments add artistic uniqueness to this remodeled condo space.

This worldly dining room mixes old and new design styles. Navy walls and ebony hardwood floors give the room a modern feel, while the rustic dining table and African Kuba window treatment provide eclectic charm. A bench on the traffic side of the table gives the space an open look.

This eclectic mixture of antique pieces incorporating the art deco style brightens the dining table and gives it a fun yet formal look.

The walls were painted tones of rich red and butter, adding instant warmth and elegance to the space. To keep things from becoming too serious, we used window treatments with playful dressmaker detailing. It's unexpected details like this that add an air of fun and casualness and keep a formal dining room from looking too formal.

History and modernity combine in this elegant dining room. The modern framed intaglios bring freshness, while a 19th century French pewter chandelier gives the room an air of antiquity.

Adding tall wood paneling and historic reproduction lighting and wallpapers creates a warm and inviting space to entertain.

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