Wednesday, August 17, 2011

metal kitchen

metal kitchens are edgy and unavoidably modern. stainless steel, aluminium and, more rarely, zinc, are all used to clad kitchen cupboards and the result is strong and industrial_ yet expensive. using a chipboard core, a thin metal skin is wrapped around the door, while corners are seamlessly welded and polished to eliminate any sharp edges. stainless steel is hardwearing and hygienic, but notorously difficult to keep clean and any finger-prints or smears will show up instantly. for the family kitchen, a matt or sandblasted finish may be more practical than a highly polished gleam. introduce an accent of metal, such as a row of stainless-steel drawers for a mix-and-match look, rather than a full-on industrial scheme, which can be too imposing. alternatively, today is new generation of high-metal-content lacquers, which use up to 98% of metal particles, are chic, luxurious and easy to keep clean.

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