Thursday, June 23, 2011

Classic design of the bathtub

Classic bathtub is the best ideas when thinking about the renewal of bathroom decoration and desire in the air classic antique. The bathtub is designed with four lists, those lists are in the form of animal paw-called "Klofot."

Important considerations in the design of the classic bathtub:

• The design of the bathtub classic is piece of art in the bathroom and a complement to its beauty. In contrast to what some may expect that the type of classic bathtub is not the formations of it, the classic bathtub comes in many forms to look a Beautiful decorative piece in the bathroom.

•the area of bathroom and ​​personal taste,are the first router to choose the perfect design and best suited for classical bathtub.

•The classic bathtub Do not fit Modern bathroom,therefore it is necessary to give the classical age to suits to the decor of the bathroom and made a cover from wood for walls with drawings of flowers and replace the glass window with stained glass, and install lighting accessories such as crystal and brass lamps. It is important to change the sink (basin)with another suitable design of the classic bathtub.

• you must set up the foundation to put the classic bathtub,becouse it will be a technical corner in the bathroom, and this foundation or the base will be made from brick and cement,and then covered with ceramic and marble ,becouse wood will eroded by Moisture whatever the resistance degree of the water.

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