Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Asian Living Rooms

A two-sided Venetian Plaster fireplace wall also holds a recessed plasma screen. All television equipment, CDs and DVDs are stored in the dark-stained floor-to-ceiling cabinet that buffers the plaster from the red wall.

A subtle Asian influence is reflected in this living room. The interest is found in the blocks of color and the variety of textures.

The goal in this room was to combine existing English-styled furnishings with Asian artwork to create a comfortable home for a retired couple.

The vibrant walls in this space are an integrated, natural pigmented plaster incoporating three layers of color and a final layer of a tinted liquid wax. The half-face sculpture is part of a water feature; on the other side of the curved window seat is a duplicate fountain.

This contemporary meditation space features a bronze waterfall sculpture, bronze tables and a mounted antique tortoiseshell as design elements to provide a serene, elegant area. Shoji screens create a feeling of unlimited space and light.

A black linen wrapped cocktail table contrasts with a light velvet sofa, silk pillows and ancient Asian objects. The 12-foot-long Japanese antique screen is a unique and beautiful focal piece, around which the design is built. Photo by Ralph Alswang.

A red wall, symbolic of good luck in Chinese tradition, anchors this living area. Low, neutral furniture with built-in side tables sits above a silk handmade Cha-Cha rug by Formaonline.com. Artwork by the architect provides a finishing touch.

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